Things we love to do: I can’t stop myself

Printable mini notes because getting a pen out is retro and we all love vintage.

Learn how to Block Print there is a file where I stick all of the MUST TRY’S from my lists. This is on the top of that file, list and pile.

Let a ribbon stand in for the fabric of your choice, make an easy and very appealing window accent. Great idea for a kid’s room, nursery, play room or even the laundry/mud room and craft offices.

Learn something this is an older tutorial on how to use Photoshop to create posters of your liking. I don’t have photoshop but I LOVE posters. Maybe you needed an idea for that etsy shop you always wanted to open?

Washing line indoors an explanation of how to make one of your own.

Party Idea! Favors? Or maybe you have eight 7 year old boys coming over for that camp out this weekend? And it’s raining? And you are the ONE house that doesn’t own an XBox? Well. Get out the scissors, boys. Mrs. James has a CRAFT for you.

And this craft is for the 6 thirteen year old females next weekend they like pretty things. Dainty, even. You’re safe, put away your credit card – the mall will have to go on without you.

Screen Print your own t-shirts this I have wanted to try for a very long time. And I even got to help print a few of the Gleek Retreat tshirts with Ambrose a few months ago (post and video coming on that) but I love the idea of making a screen out of something one of my kid’s have made and then making a tshirt or bag or pillow case with them. Grandma would proudly display that cushion.

Free art, free printable art Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Brighten up your dungeon of a basement with this one. Or bring it over to a neighbor with a pitcher of lemonade and plans to catch up on their porch. You always wanted to do that.

Make your own linen spray – Martha was wondering when you were going to catch on.

A Great Site Lives Here Color Palette! No more wondering what goes with that awful shade of chartreuse your mother bought that hand towel in. Now you can display it like you meant to keep it.

Print with leaves. This is very cool. The VBS coordinators need to be brought up to speed. Coloring with crayons is so last year.

Downloads, adorable printable things this is a link to an entire page of things you can download. Browse a while, your printer will love me.

Party Idea! HELLO MY NAME IS … Genius. This is spectacular. Parties are allowed to be more than Dora the Explorer and the fake pinata. It’ll probably be cheaper, too.

Sew this a picnic quilt with rock pockets, to keep it in place. My mind was just a little bit blown.

Mini Caramel Apples save this for fall or halloween or just until the harvest season comes around and then deliver these to friends and family, neighbors, teachers and your mouth.

A whimsical bunting made with little hands and feet in mind.

Now’s a great time to make some ice cream we’ve done this already, it’s a hit!

How to make tiny pinata’s we’ve talked about this already, with my mind being blown and the parties being fun and cute and … what are you waiting for?

Baskets, to make … these look better than some baskets I’ve paid for from big box stores. I love them.

Birdie Mobile for the sewer.

How to make pop up cards which could also be … how to make a pop up book. IDEAS.

Cool vintage type letters, forms etc free to print.

Things to Do, Things to Love

Ziploc bag tote I just love the idea of making a tote out of a brown paper sack and some ziplocs. Not that I need any more totes. I do not. But still.


Fishing Reel bag Or swimsuit trunks. Whatever. I love the shark.

Spring CD case free printable, download. Loving the birds.

Brides be organized get yourself on track.

Mustache anyone? Why, yes. Thank you.

DIY Wedding invites for free. Now go get married.

Railroad centerpiece I want this for a shelf in my bedroom. Center that.

Caught in the cookie jar some lovely printable labels for your special place.

Chevron rug Literally. I am amazed with this one. What thinking! What genius! Eye-popping details and rugs that you can DO YOURSELF. Seriously, I love the internet.

Loopy accessories are always the hardest.

Camera strap I’ve needed to replace mine for about 3 years now. Maybe I should just do it?

Printable tags for scrapbooking for calendar keeping or love-noting. You decide.

Alice in Wonderland invites I am obsessed, so yes, I will file these away and hoard them.

Birthday cards love the colors, whimsical.

Reward Jar tags Ok. I have an aunt who does this system, except it’s a box and mostly full of stale valentines candy she bought on clearance. Or maybe it’s contents have improved, but … I’ve always been intrigued with this idea I just can’t commit to it. But maybe now I can. I have LABELS!

Free printable French Theatre and my daughter will be forever thankful to me that I am printing this for her paper-hoarding self. Now she can make dolls and spend hours puppeting them.

Classic Journal pages Free download.

The most amazing party idea ever I want to be an old man.