Craft-gasm! Things We Love To Do.

See how I’m sneaking that in there? Trying it out?

This round up has a lot of Christmassy things going on. And even some food. Yum.

Gift wrap and tags download, print and you’re on your way. You might be 15 minutes late but at least you won’t have Holly-Wrap with Poinsettia’s dancing around. Am I right?

Chai Tea Loaves I don’t care what you are, that just sounds good. Why is that at Christmastime people always gift food? And Sweets? Teachers must really LOVE a gift card every now and then.

Turn pallets into a reading corner Mmmmmmm. Craft-gasm.

LP Record gift tags for the musically inclined. Very unique.

World Map Printable. A great start to a family tradition. (I have something like this on my life list)

SNOWMEN and Marshmallows. My 2 1/2 year old just went crazy.

Deer printable gift tags.

Gift tags Make the season bright. Cheery. I like it.

Christmas Subway Art LOVE this.

Anthropoloie has nothing on your budget you can just put that $57 right back into your envelope. (Truth be told, I have a little crush on Anthropologie myself and I really have no idea what their stuff costs, other than … it’s spendy and I’m cheap and still kind of frumpy in style.)

For the GUYS which are always hard to DIY for. If they don’t enjoy building something, golfing, playing video games or drinking beer it can be really, really difficult to buy something for the males of your Christmas season. Books on how to tie knots? They got that 3 years ago. Fun golfing tips? So last year. The sweater you have wrapped in your closet … bring it back. I have no idea what guys like, I married one who uses his hands and brain all day, so a manicure? Massage! That’s it. But that has nothing to do with DIY or crafting. You could DIY their favorite meal or dessert? I need as much help as you.

Chandelier Ornament This is so pretty. I know of a girl in my house who would kind of freak out if this was on our tree.

Holiday Wreath without all the fuss.

Printable tea towel has kind of a sweedish look to it, very sweet.

Make house pillows or lavender satchels. Whatever you call them.

A grocery store tear off list I’m on an organizational kick which is more of a cleansing of unnecessary processes in my life … and piles.

More adorable gift tags.

Silhouette art maybe it’s the beach scene or the actual art but stuff like this always makes me want to try it.

Ladder Shelf! We actually might have a ladder in the storage unit I could do this with. Just yesterday I made a fireplace out of an old column we had for decoration purposes. It was free and now is functional (a mantle!) and much better to look at than the white walls of the apartment. (As always, thanks Dad, for the tools and you’re help. I more “commissioned” this fireplace than actually did the building this time.)

Felted soap I have a bit of a phobia of bar soaps. Don’t ask. I don’t know if this would solve that problem (since I wouldn’t have to actually TOUCH the soap) but it’s worth a try. I just can’t think of all the dried soap in the wool. That alone will give me the heebie-jeebies. BUT! I like the process of felting and this tutorial is a great one!

More gift tags!! Tis the Season.

Over the wreath madness? Want something else to look at? Try this pine cone portrait. Love. (I’m still all about the wreath madness, personally)

Mail themed gift tags Be cute AND on time.

All your packaging needs printable – tags! And other lovelies.

FOOD. Gingerbread Houses, DIY I need to do this just to say I did. Just for the fun of it. I don’t actually enjoy making these things because then what do you do with them? I don’t eat them, I’d rather not keep them all season, but they’re FUN and ADORABLE. And making something like this is kind of therapy for me. So yes. Lets.

Crepe Paper tree. I couldn’t resist.

(Folks, I trowel the internet and google search for tutorials but I also have some amazing go-to sites I check often. Obviously these are not at all my original ideas and I’m not the first person to assemble a list or things I like or enjoy to share with others. I do this as a way to bookmark the things I want to remember for later, or file away for another day. In the meantime, I share them all with you.)

Things We Love To Do

Wall Flowers I love this. I would use it to write each and every one of my Life List items on them and then have a tree of dreams on a wall that “fall” into a jar when one comes true.

Ahoy Matey! Use a spool (dumpster diving anyone??) or some scrap wood you have laying around to make these little side table. I would highly recommend hunting down a development that’s currently got some buildings or houses going up – they throw the BEST stuff away. Ask nicely if they wouldn’t mind if you took a look through the dumpster on your own time and stayed out of their way to do it … they might even ask if you have friends. Saves them time and money for hauling a bunch of stuff away – especially if you take it with you right away.

Vampires Suck browse through this website for more entertaining posters. This one was geared towards Halloween obviously – but if you’re a Twilight fan … I’m pretty sure you appreciate this no matter the time of year.

ABC print I think I finally have to make work of having an alphabet wall. With all the beautiful and free posters/prints out there – your wall can look amazing and very custom for the cost of a few frames … or you could make those too.

Smitten for the foxy kitten I love this little fox. So throw-back to Little Red Riding Hood, hot chocolate and an afternoon spent pretending to live inside of my sleeping bag. Good days!

Dish Stamp. Enough said. Beautiful. Card making this Christmas? Monogram the crap out of that stock paper. You’re welcome.

Granted, this is a spider meant for Halloween but the idea is adorable. We tried making these the other day but I didn’t follow any kind of directions so they came out a little wonky. As in … My spider bodies were more like a lopsided snow cone. Ehum. But maybe you could switch it up and make an octopus? Or Ladybug?

Super cool back splash in a kitchen – changeable! and also, scroll down to see fabuloso repurposed old light fixtures.

Store this idea away for next year, or for the Christmas pageant an angel in just minutes. And you thought they only looked that sweet and innocent in their sleep.

T Shirts! I even like the mummy. But I might like monkeys and whales and mustaches too. Ideas, folks.

Hand warmers out of socks now that pile of socks in your laundry room with no mate? They have a purpose. You were saving them for a reason, remember?

I like old stuff but some times I can’t find what I want for my price or it just doesn’t exist in my area. So we improvise. Old signs are kind of a crutch of mine. One I have yet to actually purchase, but I swoon over every. single. one.

Butterflies! Use them for wall art, cut outs for crafts or to learn to draw. They’re pretty no matter what you do with them.

I have been looking for plans for something like this for a very long time and now I have them. I will be building this. YAY!

Leggings with adorable buttons. Details? You obviously care.

I love this tutorial on making floral head-stuffs for little ladies although playing with fire? Is something we only do after leaving the oven on for 3 hours while people sleep in the house. Then we drink HFCS and eat boxed man n cheese for dinner. I kid! I kid. We drink KOOL-AID.

Making crowns and pretending to be a princess? We do that every day.

Place cards! Table runner decorations! Ornaments! Coffee Table cuteness! the list goes on. These are awesome.

Oh the tree we’ve discussed this already.

Milk Carton Printable ok. My mind goes kind of crazy with ideas for this. What can you put in a milk carton? It can be gift bag, a party favor, it can full of dried mixes for baking, it can be used in “pretend” grocery stores, it can be full of treats for chores, treats for potty training, treats for pets. You can “bowl” with them in your living room. On and on and on and on. What would you do with it?

Linen napkins I would make them and then come up with reasons why we shouldn’t use them. Like … they’re pretty. That’s a good one.

UGLY SWEATER! hahahaha.

Dress up dolls, winter Paper dolls are very fun. We print and make them, play with them and dress them often.

Cardboard guitar? YES. Just yesterday we were getting schooled on how our daughter wants to be a “rocking star” when she grows up. What does that include? A guitar, mom. Duh.

Things We Love To Do

This one’s a doozy. Enjoy! If you’d like a nice neat pile of all the lists I’ve made so far … come and see where I keep them. As I make these lists and publish them, they get added to this Master List Run Down newest to oldest. Have something fabulous you want me to see? Try? Link to? Email me with details and I’d be happy to check it out!


Have an artist to celebrate? This party download, complete with invitations, instructions on how to pull it off and all kinds of ideas can be used in so many ways. Even a wedding, bridal shower or yes … the birthday that it was intended for. I love this idea. Pretty sure January just got more colorful around here (my daughters birth month).

Evil Queen Mask!! So your kid is more of a free thinker? Nice. Put them in the middle of the sea of Princesses this Halloween and smile.

Bones are very scary and very fun to look at. I might tuck this away for those years of middle school where you have to take exams on your nervous system, bones and veins.

A festive take on the very popular phrase Eat Drink and Be …

Tooth Brushes! This is fun. I might have to put this in one of the new bathrooms in the new house. (Getting so close!)

Owl Mobile there’s something very calming about these owl mobiles. Being watched without being watched. I like it.

Another great take on a very popular poster Keep Calm and Carry On. I love that one!

ABC I love how many different ABC printables there are online. You could do a whole wall of colorful education and it’d be so cute. Might have to try that in a playroom some day.

Creepy Subway Art this is adorable.

Paper skull anyone? I’d rather play with this one than a real one any day.

Branch out and print these awesome mailing labels.

Make Stuff

For starters, let’s make a pumpkin vase together. I love your company.

Make a mermaid enthusiast very happy by sewing them a little tail for their collection.

Ghost! These baby food jar ghosts and pumpkins are seriously pinch your cheeks adorable. Can’t wait to get my hands on some jars so we can do this at our house!!

No sew Cupcake! This actually came as a request from my girl, so when I found this tutorial and the “no-sew” part about it I kind of squealed.

Feather Duster? Nope! FELT. Oddly enough, my kids actually like doing this stuff. The toys don’t hurt either.

Bat placemat Now all you need to do is paint your lightbulb above the table with a bat call and you’re all set.

Fabric clutch one of these days after we move and I relearn how to use my sewing machine. I will make so many things. Like this clutch.

Burlap wreath! The texture of this one is very playful. You could do different colors for different occasions or seasons. An “all weather” wreath, really. I love it.

Linocut how to’s I’m a little bit obsessed with these right now.

Sweater purse scroll down to see the yellow love. Eeeee!

Instructables gives us step by step Linocut instructions Again, obsessed.

Flap those wings for Halloween!

Last one, I think but I don’t promise. A Swedish horse linocut. My heart is beating so fast.

Balloon animals, bat style we have a friend who does balloon animals and is so good at it. This would be fun to learn to do for Halloween, no?

Make a tu-tu I know I will.

Quilt these are so time intensive some times. Most of the time. But the feeling of laying someone under one that you love – the fact that your hands put all of those pieces together and quilted with conversation and fellowship or just peace, makes me want to make a quilt for everyone I know. Food does this to me too. Feeding your soul.

Lunch sacks reusable and homemade. Double whammy.

Have a cowboy on your hands? Outfit him with some style.

Dollhouse out of an old drawer GENIUS. We see old dressers on the side of the road all the time – now I know what to do with them šŸ™‚

Things We Love To Do


Candy pouch throwing a halloween bash this year and want something cuter than the orginial packaging? IDEA! Or birthday treats for school. A little pick me up for a loved one.

Halloween Masks BOO!

Printable art I’ve already printed this one and it’s proudly hanging on our wall as one of the first Halloween decorations in the Apartment. FUN!

Modern Farm Invitations This just screams adorable yet low key which are my two favorite prerequisites when it comes to children’s parties.

Super fun vintage digital images I can think of all sorts of ways to use these. A fun arrangement in a frame would be a fun way to spruce up a wall space without spending hardly anything (ink to print) – using them as luggage tags, notes in school lunches etc.

Make a paper owl mobile I would make atleast 5 of these to hang above our buffet in the dining room. I love them. They can watch over us as we eat for ever and ever and ever.

Swatch keeper for the fabric hoarder, I mean sewer. WARNING – there is an advertisement pop up (even for MAC users) when you click on this link. I sold all my extra fabric at our garage sale before we moved, but this would have been SO helpful to have to keep track of my inventory.

Get well soon Everyone needs some cheering up when not feeling well – these’ll do the trick just perfectly!

Nurture print a soft and lovely reminder to love and nurture – free print!

Make Stuff

Oh my word this BAG!! I want one. Like a child standing on the outside of a toy store window whining about the doll castle on display. I WANT ONE.

Learn how to make your own Pop Art canvases LOVE this idea. Not sure if I would do a face or an object. I’d be interested in seeing what an object in this kind of art turns out to be.

Make a skirt and then curtsy. You’re fabulous.

DIY your own drawer organizers and then you can save your 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupon for something else. Like chocolate.

Coffee Filters have never been so amazing Make a centerpiece for $3 in 5 minutes. You had me at the photos.

FOOD! Whoopie Pies a fall flavor, even. I love the tutorial on these. So many great ideas for making whoopie pies and great photos.

Table runner from an old book Here’s what I love: that a non-traditional table runner uses the traditional method of making one. Something about this just gets me. And I like that.

We all know I love wreaths This is yet another one I need to make. I should have a wall of JUST wreaths.

Painted rug I’m a little bit smitten with this.

This awning is whimsical and precious and I’d like 3 in my house.

Make another skirt and twirl. You are amazing.

A haunted house for the littles! Ok, this one I have been day dreaming about since I stumbled on the link. Not only would this be an amazing way to hand out candy on Halloween from your driveway to the trick or treaters – I’m thinking of making a couple of these as a “village” for my kids to play house in. A “store”, a “bakery”, a “house” … the ideas are endless and so adaptable. 1, 2, 3 … GO!

Enlarge a photo into a poster, by hand the image alone made me want to try this but when I read through it and noticed that enlarging this meant drawing a diagram and doing it by hand I was a little scared – which means I must try it now. Learning is good. I’m excited to learn this.

How to ice a cake very informative.

Things We Love To Do


For those of us who love to date our spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend … or even a good friend. Have a little fun with it.

It’s a zoo in there! Numbers have never been so messy. Or smelly. Or really, really cute.

A little message a little blessing. Print and remind yourself that you can.

Back to School routine cards for the organized child. Or the mother. Either way … this back to school stuff takes organizing and I’ll take all the help I can get.

Days of the week! I remember being very confused about the days of the week and there’s no telling if something like this would have helped me … but since our daughter likes to talk about days in advance – this might be a fun exercise for her to learn the days in accordance with the “how many more sleeps?” question we constantly get.

Paper Chains are such a fun way for my kids to figure out the motor skills it takes to use a scissors. Plus they’re cute when all finished and even worth hanging some place other than your fridge – which needs to be cleaned off any way.

Make Stuff

Basket Pendant light – I’ve linked to this before and am currently on the hunt to find the right basket so I can make this for the new place. Have I mentioned lately that I love the Internet?

Wizard of Oz party ideas. The shoe, people! The SHOE! We love a good party in our house and are very excited to be planning the very first we’ll host at the new apartment in a week or so. Eeeee! Invites and everything!

Ribbon bunting small, cute and very whimsical.

Spruce up a wall with this how-to on painting a lovely dimensional pattern upon one.

Shell chandelier or is it? YOU GUYS!!!! THE INTERNET!!! Um, I’m pretty sure I know a bedroom that will be wanting this light in a few months … MINE.

How’s that recycling thing going for you? Yeah, we’re on and off the bandwagon too. It’s HARD to keep everything neat and tidy when there are so many papers and boxes and packages. It’s ridiculous. So, instead of wasting it or using this as wrap (which is a great idea) you can also make gift bags out of newspaper … or any paper I’m assuming. FUN!

How to make a ladder game. Outdoor games are so this season. Play one.

I’m still addicted to mustaches, let’s not be mistaken … however, these airplanes are calling my name – a centerpiece!

Make a headband that looks like you spent $35 on it from a craft fair or that trendy boutique. You’re so on top of this.

Keep a color journal. Wow. This is so inspirational for me. I love it. I can’t wait to make my own.

An easy and budget friendly photo booth maybe for a wedding or grad party? Someone in your life just turned 80? Yes, that. Definitely remember ALL of that.