I swallowed a watermelon

Moving is over. For the most part, we’re in our new house. We spent our first night here last night and I only woke up once and looked around frantic only to realize I was home.

We have stairs now, big stairs from the basement to the main floor … and so far, they aren’t really my friend. My feet are size 4 pre pregnancy – now they’re a size 4 midget long and WIDE and swollen, very very swollen. Stairs at 8 in the morning are not my friend.

But we have 2 bathrooms, with 2 showers and 2 TOILETS! AHA! We’ve found utopia.

Tomorrow the carpets will be installed in the master bedroom and the nursery and then we can really start to get settled. Right now our kitchen is still missing the stove and the dishwasher isn’t hooked up yet, neither is the washer or dryer … but it’s getting there. At least we have plumbing, and electrical.

In the next week or so, after we’ve found the digital camera, we’ll get back on track with photos of the watermelon I swallowed and the before and after photos of the house transformation.

The baby has found my bladder, and it LOVES to jump, kick, punch and hit it – ALL DAY LONG. It’s sweet and kinda cute, but seriously now I spend enough time peeing as it is.

He/She kicks hard enough now that other people can feel the sensation too. And the whole belly touching thing, doesn’t bother me. Unless I don’t know you and you’re an elderly woman/man in the grocery store who stops me mid sentence to touch and fondle me … then I have a problem with it. Otherwise I figure I’m attracted to pregnant bellies when I’m not pregnant … constantly trying to feel the baby move and ask the mother questions. So why not let everyone I’ve done it to already do it back to me? It’s only fair really.