$7,500 bucks or $430?

That’s right, by the age of 2 a baby poops on $7,500 worth of disposable pampers. 2 years = $7,500 FOR POOP CLOTHS!

You can see why it was a hard decision to go cloth. If Aaron were talking about internet that sentence would have read … “You can see why it was a hard decision to go wireless.” In my world, cloth diapers are wireless internet.

I found this awesome website about cloth diapering and although I have some research to do and some reading and planning yet, I’m pretty excited about the decision to go parental wireless on this one.

As you can see it’s more $7,000 savings in 2 years, and did you notice the SO CUTE frog diapers. FROG DIAPERS. I LOVE it! HA!

Man, and to think my parents put the plastic wrap type diaper cover on my cloth diapers when I was little, I could have been much more popular with the leper’s had I been blessed enough to have frog buns. Our kid is totally predestined to popularity.