Homemade haut chocolate.


This homemade hot chocolate mix is a family favorite. We had it out at the Holiday Open House and I promised the recipe. A few of you went to the store that night šŸ˜‰ (How’s it working out??)


It’s a 4 ingredient winner every time.


I’m a good half way through my recipe for the year – when you first make it you’ll want the biggest bowl you own, then you’ll need to find a bigger one. This recipe will fill my glass jar almost to the top. Maybe 3/4 of the way … I bought the glass jar from Walmart and the scoop as well.

Then, you wait for the first snow storm of the year which will mean it’s a snow day.

snow day

And no you did not cry when your husband woke you up this morning with that news, you didn’t. You couldn’t have because all this snow and being stir crazy and stuck in a house with your kids for ANOTHER day is exactly what you wanted to do today. I promise.

You go ahead and prepare the water because when it’s ready – you pour. And everything will be ok.

add water

no you stop

You can add your favorite marshmallows and let them melt just so. Then you can pop the question.


I’d say yes. Then we could wear fuzzy slippers in front of the fire while the snow falls outside.

You’re welcome.

Make your own brewed iced coffee

We used to have a French Press (moment of silence) to make cold brew coffee with …

And I still love cold coffee in the summer time but am trying to curb the habit of the coffee shop every day.

So, I have another idea!

DIY brewed iced coffee

You’ll need:

Coffee filters
Coffee beans, ground
Small rubber bands
A jug with a lid

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

I make coffee bombs for cold brew, that’s my solution, for this I use the best coffee providers online to get my product, go here to find more about this. So in one filter I put 1/4 C ground coffee beans and then secure the top with a small rubber band like so:

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Add 3 coffee bombs to my jug and fill with water.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Place the lid on and let it steep over night in the fridge – right after you fill it up it’ll start to “brew”.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

When you wake up in the morning and it’s already 95 degree’s outside you’ll kiss that little jug of black-gold with an open mouth. It’s ok, we won’t watch.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Add a little creamer (or not!) and sip away.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Enjoy! Please Pin away, share and like. This needs to be shouted from the mountaintops, obviously.

How are you surviving your summer heat? Any fun drinks or oldie’s you run to in this weather?

Owning a home

There’s something about owning a home that makes me think I know how to coupon. Amirite?

You might remember this list of things I don’t do includes COUPONING. But, I have zero defenses against this draw now that I have a house and a place to stock pile a few things. Maybe it’s something about not having to move again in less than a year? Our last rental was a dream – the homeowners were amazing, the house perfect. Just … I knew it wasn’t gonna last. It wasn’t ours. So many things yanked around in my head and heart because of this.

So I’ve asked my mom to start saving me the coupons out of the Sunday Paper again. I’m going to work on Walgreen’s deals first to get the hang of things. I’d like to be able to get our toiletries and paper products for close to free. That’s my couponing goal – aside from that (and shopping sales for groceries) I’m not gonna get Extreme Couponer’s on my family.

Shelves of canned goods and cereal in my bedroom? NoThankYou.

But also? Confession? I am beyond obsessed with Pinterest. We all are, really. But I’m obsessed with DOING things off of Pinterest.

For instance … I tried this tub cleaner and yes, it’s true. A little bit of magic. Heat the vinegar, I think that’s the trick.

After seeing this floor treatment I promptly tore a wall out of our basement by myself (with help from my brother’s via phone and text) and then bought some vinyl 12X12 stick down tiles and laid me a new floor.










Remember the giant JENGA set we made? Me, too. It’s so fun. All because of Pinterest.

After seeing this pin for a face mask I gave it a whirl.

I don't know what to tell you. I can't be left alone? Nah, that's not it.

I used this pin’s information for a free RedBox rental. I’ll never pay for a movie rental again, happily!

Tried this out on my hair with little success. I have to figure out how to dirty up my hair to hold curl. Working on it.

After seeing this trash can turned bedside table I finally knew what to do with the black mesh trash can hanging out in the basement doing nothing. Voila!

Pinterest inspired bedside table. Trash can flipped over and painted. Take that, no one in particular.

And the list keeps growing. Like this pin on DIY curtain rods (or this one or this one) which turned into these:

One down, 7 to go.



I love having little projects going on and having access to all these ideas is priceless.

What are you guys up to lately?

11 reasons to listen (a free printable)

When you: I hear ... A free printable at www.jodimichelle.com

I went ahead and made a little something for your wall. A poster, perhaps? Summer vacation has begun!! But now I just have a simple reminder to the kids. This is not a “How to get mom to love you” poster, thats unconditional. This is a “how to all get along this summer” poster with helpful hints. Very. Helpful. Hints.


When you I hear via jodimichelle.com

I’m a little tomato plant

Here’s how to help me grow bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Bob as a blob! He’s not even a flower yet, isn’t he cute? You just bought a tomato plant from your local nursery or farmers market. Good idea.

Now pick some good, moist soil to plant him in. He likes coffee grounds (keeps the bugs away) and crushed egg shells will help the soil, too.

Dig a hole deep enough to encompass the bottom branches, but don’t break them.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

You just fold them over, gently, and cover with dirt during planting. Those branches will reach down and become roots – making your tomato plant bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Soon Bob will be born! He’s delicious.

Happy gardening!