Peeping belly button

It happened.

You know the episode of Friends when Rachel is pregnant? And she’s wearing a tank top that hardly covers her belly because it’s so hot outside … yea I remember thinking how gross that was.

Except that now it happened to me. Not even Aaron’s sweatshirts cover my belly. And I wore one out in public today – because I didn’t know any better. Not until I went to adjust my shirt and I felt skin before I felt fabric.

MORTIFIED. <—— That was me. And it’s not like I can suck it in and deal with it until I get home … no - there is no “sucking in” at this point in the pregnancy. I don’t think I even know where those muscles went. What with all the stretching and the kicking and the baby developing … do I even have stomach muscles??? And it’s even to the point, wardrobe wise, that the maternity jeans I bought a few months ago - you know the ones … with the HUGE elastic semi-circle for the protruding abdomen - yea, those don’t even fit right now. I am so uncomfortable. I just want to sit in my pajama pants without a bra on and uncle Frank’s 4XL t-shirt from bowling league… (SIDE NOTE) As I mentioned before, we’re getting our roof redone this week - and thats going very well, thanks, but … uh … they haven’t put the new roof back ON yet, I’m not sure what is on actually - I just know it’s not finished, and it’s raining here, alot. And I keep hearing this sound like there’s a leak - but I can’t find it. And it’s driving me insane. Just so you know. (END SIDE NOTE) So anywho - chalk that up to another embarassing pregnancy moment, in public. Very nice. I wonder what this baby will think in 18 years when we show him/her what I went through while I was pregnant … hopefully they’ll still love me. But I can’t blame them for wanting to crawl in a whole and hide for the next 5 years - I mean, I did publish this stuff on the internet, the WORLD WIDE WEB, that has to be embarassing for some people. Obviously not me, I really could care less what the WORLD WIDE WEB thought of my farting episodes or the fact that my boobs leak and that peeing is the BEST reliefe there is in a day … no, I’d have to say that it doesn’t matter to me, personally. And hopefully it won’t matter to the baby either. If it does, matter, to the baby … Baby, I’m sorry. But Mommy still loves you.