Dear Yard,

To my old yard … this is about the time of year we would start panicking about the sheer volume of work you involved. Leaves, leaves and probably some more leaves.

It was fun, yes. Of course we made the huge piles every year to play in. That was always the best part.

Jessica in the leaves

But can I just say how much I REALLY love not having to deal with that at all this year? Not even having to SEE that amount of leaves is calming in a way I never thought possible.

Our current yard (whom we are cheating so wonderfully on with you, old yard) is pretty much dirt. A whole lot of dirt. The black kind. The kind that is the messiest, which means the best to small people who love to get dirty.

So there you have it. I’m saying goodbye to you’re Oaks and your Maple’s and my Apple’s, Pear’s and Peaches.

I hope you’re enjoying the new rituals and rhythms of the family who has taken the task of making your jacket of colors their very own pile of fun.

Playing in the leaves!

Because your leaves of this season are the last I’ll ever see. The last thing that had to fall away before we really left you. Before it was final.


Bouquet of decay