{Video} Answering questions about the house

You should know:

There was only one other person who knew we were possibly buying this house until yesterday. This has been happening (again, possibly) for the past week-ish. And since we weren’t sure, there were multiple offers on the house etc … we just decided not to tell anyone. Then I couldn’t hold it in any more, I needed someone to know! I wanted to shout. I was so excited!

It’s been a stressful week. For more than the reasons of this house, I’ve had a few other upsets going on and indecision is a hard one for me to swallow.

You should also know – buying this house doesn’t change our current plans of possibly moving out of state, we could very well still pick up and move for the summer, 6 mo or a year. We also plan to be avid travelers. As I’ll explain in the video, the house was on sale. For sale, yes. ON SALE, also correct.

So if we pick up and move or decide to travel for a month – instead of putting our stuff in storage or paying rent to “keep a place in case” we’ll be paying less than all of that by owning this little house. This little house I love.

If I still didn’t answer your “WHA???” moments, let me know.

Otherwise, let the dreaming continue …

(Also, it’s numbers are 116 … Imma take that as a sign.)

Voice of Reason … or Treason?

I just put a bunch of stuff for sale and I have people asking me WHY we’re selling our stuff. Including Aaron, but he’s well aware, he’s just pointing out that I like to do this. I love to sell our stuff.

And maybe this comes at a good time because I know so many people are making lists, checking them twice and waking up at ungodly hours to risk being run over for a sale.

This doesn’t appeal to me, surprising huh?

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I love Dave Ramsey and we’re in the Financial Peace University course right now – but I’ve just met the first person who admits to not liking him. Actually, quite the opposite, and it threw me – I’m not going to lie. I didn’t understand why someone would feel such strong feelings AGAINST a guy who’s doing so much GOOD … but their opinion didn’t match up with mine.

It was a great conversation actually. I walked away looking to dig deeper into a few different things, which I did and after all of that – I still agree with Dave.

Call me crazy, it really doesn’t bother me. I’ll call myself crazy, weird, not normal … all those things and that’s fine. I can take it.

I think the problem for most people is they listen to TOO MANY voices. Your parents’, your friends’, the infomercial guy selling you quick cash. And you just have to pick one. Be committed to SOMETHING. If you’re the gal who sells Avon, then be the gal who sells Avon.

I think it’s important to research and do your homework, especially when it comes to your own money – but I have no problem whatsoever sticking on Dave’s team and batting an average score of freedom and wealth.

I mean, really?

So yes, we’re selling some crap. Possessions. They’re things. If we some day have more square footage, then of course we’ll purchase and re-amass items, I just don’t subscribe to the rule of thumb that says we should pay someone else to keep them for us (storage unit, which we have) when at the end of a year, maybe two, we’ll have paid enough OUT that we could have already replaced a few of the items. Not all of them. But still.

Green is so much prettier than red.

By all means though, this is something I LOVE to talk about – so stir the pot. I want to know your opinions. Why NOT listen to some of Dave’s teaching? Why NOT be debt free and pay cash for everything? Why NOT have my income work for me instead of working for my income?

Most of what we’re selling are items we planned to sell after moving into the new home any way – we were looking to update or change our style and were saving to do so. Now that we’re not moving we’d like to make this apartment a little more comfortable – less “stuff” sitting around because we have it and make the space really work for the way our family lives inside of it.

On the list?

Bunk beds for the kids – who share a room.
Smaller couch (only half our sectional fits in our space now) and better seating for our active family.
New bed for us (our mattress is due for an update).

In order to do that, selling the current items is imminent. We don’t have spare bedrooms (or even space in the storage unit) to save the leftovers. So, away they go.

Anyone in the market for a couch, crib, car, chairs or coffee tables???

I know of a great deal. šŸ˜‰

Life List: Sell our house

Well well well.

Indeedy. Remember this list??


The address in which I’ve lived the longest we sold on July 16, 2010. We said goodbye before that and are now on an vacation from responsibility for a few months while we build a house.

I’ve got all kinds of emotions wrapped up in this. The house that we brought our children home to. I distinctly remember bringing a very new baby girl down to our basement after bringing her home from the hospital and feeling a gush of pride that this (THIS HOUSE!!) was all hers. She was born into this. This lucky little girl. It was hers because it was ours.

I felt that pride for almost 4 years and then it was time to leave. The pride in home ownership never went away but the feeling that we weren’t where we were supposed to be didn’t either.

We tried to sell on our own and when we finally came to terms with the market and what we really wanted for our family and for our life … we sold.

We finally did it.

I had a conversation with someone very close to me recently about the things they wanted in their life. Could you name them? Do you ever do something for you because it’s IN YOU to do them? Not for someone else. Not because it was said that you should, but that you WANT TO?

Selling this house would be one of mine.

Moving out of this house was another story. It was a process of boxes and trucks, helpful friends and family. We were surrounded with love the entire time but this was the last house my dad saw before he died. In a month he’ll have been gone for 6 years.

There were quite a few strings keeping me there. Wanting to hold on to this memory, that memory … him a little longer.

However, it was past due. It was time. I’m still working through letting go of most of that and I probably will be for some time. But here we are … for the first time in almost 7 years of marriage – 10 of being together – doing something on our own. Our very own. No parents helping, guiding. No relatives attached.

We did this.

We’re doing this.

We landed on two feet, we’re gonna be OK. That feels fantastic.


Sorry for all the confusion today. I am not pregnant and we are moving, our house is sold, we are renting for a few months while the house we’re REALLY moving into is being built.

We are building.

This has been a roller coaster, no?

There are times I think I should just not talk about certain things because I know we change our minds or other/different opportunities present themselves which helps us make a better decision for our future.

Insert Build A House.

Here’s the skinny:

We sold our house for less than what we still owe on it and we are not doing a short sale – a short sale is when the you sell your house for less than you owe on it and the bank “forgives” the rest of the mortgage. You have to prove that you cannot pay it back and it also ruins your credit for a couple years and you cannot obtain a mortgage for 3 years following a short sale.

So, that’s not an option for us because we can pay it back, over time.

However, we can’t just keep paying on the existing mortgage – we have to close that when the house sells, it all makes sense … kind of. We would have to obtain ANOTHER loan for the amount in which we still owe and the bank wasn’t willing to loan us that.

Here’s where I might start swearing, because here’s where our plan went out the window.

Also, I am not pregnant.

Our hopeful plan for getting real with the market and wanting to move was to sell the house knowing we were going to take a loss on it – but then just be able to move forward. Not buy anything, we wanted to build … DOWN THE ROAD. We wanted to rent for a year, maybe more, just paying off the debt, trying out new places in the world and in life and not being so grown up for once.

We wanted some freedom.

However, with that loan we were going to need to pay back the loss on the house we wouldn’t be saving a darn penny by renting and it would take us at least 3 years to get out of the hole we were willing to dive right into.





And, I’m not pregnant.

It was always an option for us to build right away – our realtor presented that little token before our house was even sold knowing that we’d end up taking a loss on the house if we did sell. We’ve been aware of the opportunity for months, have driven out to the lot and talked at length about it, prayed about it.

But we still wanted to exhaust all other options before saying yes.

Which we did. And last night, officially this morning – we said yes. Officially. We’ve been saying “Let’s talk” and “How about this?” and “I think that could work” for the last week.

We’re building a ranch 3 bed room home with a basement in a nice subdivision and in a few years if we decide we want to try being “free” all over again, we won’t have to owe. We might even turn a profit.

Once again, there is not a bun in the oven.

So here’s the thinking: 3 years renting, not saving anything and in the same place (location and financially) in the 3 years that we are now or 5 months of “freedom”, a new house that actually costs less and in 3 years if we wanted to move or do it all over again … we’ll be ahead. Not behind. Not in the same place. Not stuck.

The Lord willing, of course.

We’re doing a lot of trusting through this process. It’s brand new to Aaron and I. My parents built homes when I was younger but being on this side of it is EXCITING. I’m having a blast.

Any questions?

I’ll pin down our Realtor for a video chat on this one – so bring your questions, all of them! We’ll answer via video soon.

And we’re not pregnant.