Make your own brewed iced coffee

We used to have a French Press (moment of silence) to make cold brew coffee with …

And I still love cold coffee in the summer time but am trying to curb the habit of the coffee shop every day.

So, I have another idea!

DIY brewed iced coffee

You’ll need:

Coffee filters
Coffee beans, ground
Small rubber bands
A jug with a lid

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

I make coffee bombs for cold brew, that’s my solution, for this I use the best coffee providers online to get my product, go here to find more about this. So in one filter I put 1/4 C ground coffee beans and then secure the top with a small rubber band like so:

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Add 3 coffee bombs to my jug and fill with water.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Place the lid on and let it steep over night in the fridge – right after you fill it up it’ll start to “brew”.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

When you wake up in the morning and it’s already 95 degree’s outside you’ll kiss that little jug of black-gold with an open mouth. It’s ok, we won’t watch.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Add a little creamer (or not!) and sip away.

DIY brewed iced coffee. Bomb it!

Enjoy! Please Pin away, share and like. This needs to be shouted from the mountaintops, obviously.

How are you surviving your summer heat? Any fun drinks or oldie’s you run to in this weather?

Owning a home

There’s something about owning a home that makes me think I know how to coupon. Amirite?

You might remember this list of things I don’t do includes COUPONING. But, I have zero defenses against this draw now that I have a house and a place to stock pile a few things. Maybe it’s something about not having to move again in less than a year? Our last rental was a dream – the homeowners were amazing, the house perfect. Just … I knew it wasn’t gonna last. It wasn’t ours. So many things yanked around in my head and heart because of this.

So I’ve asked my mom to start saving me the coupons out of the Sunday Paper again. I’m going to work on Walgreen’s deals first to get the hang of things. I’d like to be able to get our toiletries and paper products for close to free. That’s my couponing goal – aside from that (and shopping sales for groceries) I’m not gonna get Extreme Couponer’s on my family.

Shelves of canned goods and cereal in my bedroom? NoThankYou.

But also? Confession? I am beyond obsessed with Pinterest. We all are, really. But I’m obsessed with DOING things off of Pinterest.

For instance … I tried this tub cleaner and yes, it’s true. A little bit of magic. Heat the vinegar, I think that’s the trick.

After seeing this floor treatment I promptly tore a wall out of our basement by myself (with help from my brother’s via phone and text) and then bought some vinyl 12X12 stick down tiles and laid me a new floor.










Remember the giant JENGA set we made? Me, too. It’s so fun. All because of Pinterest.

After seeing this pin for a face mask I gave it a whirl.

I don't know what to tell you. I can't be left alone? Nah, that's not it.

I used this pin’s information for a free RedBox rental. I’ll never pay for a movie rental again, happily!

Tried this out on my hair with little success. I have to figure out how to dirty up my hair to hold curl. Working on it.

After seeing this trash can turned bedside table I finally knew what to do with the black mesh trash can hanging out in the basement doing nothing. Voila!

Pinterest inspired bedside table. Trash can flipped over and painted. Take that, no one in particular.

And the list keeps growing. Like this pin on DIY curtain rods (or this one or this one) which turned into these:

One down, 7 to go.



I love having little projects going on and having access to all these ideas is priceless.

What are you guys up to lately?

I’m a little tomato plant

Here’s how to help me grow bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Bob as a blob! He’s not even a flower yet, isn’t he cute? You just bought a tomato plant from your local nursery or farmers market. Good idea.

Now pick some good, moist soil to plant him in. He likes coffee grounds (keeps the bugs away) and crushed egg shells will help the soil, too.

Dig a hole deep enough to encompass the bottom branches, but don’t break them.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

You just fold them over, gently, and cover with dirt during planting. Those branches will reach down and become roots – making your tomato plant bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Soon Bob will be born! He’s delicious.

Happy gardening!

How pinteresting! JENGA!

We made a huge outdoor Jenga set out of 2X3X96 boards for less than $15.00.


via jodimichelle on flickr.

It’s very easy.

Step 1: Go to Lowes.

Step 2: Buy seven 2X3X96 boards.

Step 3: Ask them to make a cut every 7.5 inches. (At Lowes, they’ll cut your wood to your specific dimensions for free)

making a large Jenga game

via schaapy on flickr. Everyone say hi to Ryan, this is his first time in a hardware store!

Step 4: Purchase and return home, then you stack and take turns smack talking each other.


Unlimited fun!

For $14.98 we just bought ourselves a summer of fun right there and all we did was a little math, used our manners at the hardware store, and created a timeless game for all ages. Thanks, Pinterest!

{How to} DIY a painted wooden sign, for free.

See how I did that? I got all those fancy keywords into the title so I can get right to business with you here.

How to make a sign

Our porch couch is very dirty, because it’s a couch … on a porch. Say it with me: dirt happens.

You’ll need:

How to make a sign

Wood (we’ll talk about this)
Brush (or your finger, let’s be honest)
Fine sand paper

This started a few days ago when I saw a few scrap pieces of wood in the garage and like almost everything I find in this house – whoever left these treasures behind feels like they’ve been spying on me and my heart for a while. Like while they were preparing to sell this house, how ever long it took them, I was quietly praying for this exact home.

Originally I wanted to make a sign that read “be a leader” – this is something my brother says to each of his kids every single morning as he drops them off for school. It’s something I’ve started saying to my own kids while I drop them off, or at the breakfast table as we’re preparing for the day.

I love the phrase because of where I first heard it and the conversation that followed with my brother about raising leaders in our kids. That’s why I wanted it on a sign. The constant reminder to be a leader. Take the lead, demonstrate leadership. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, just because they’re doing it. It’s ok to be forge the path. It goes hand in hand with being kind. To lead you need to be “other-minded” as what you accomplish affects many other people. Be the face of change. Be a leader.

But I started brainstorming other ideas as well (and second guessing myself) and posed the question on facebook – the feedback was mostly for “Something great here” and Donielle made a parallel line to this phrase that I hadn’t even thought of, she said: I think it fits not only you and your home, but the feeling of a porch. šŸ™‚.

I loved how she embodied our porch and our hopes and wrapped it up for me to see. That in this house, from this porch, we believe in Something Great Here. In greatness. That we have it in us and to share.

So, I gathered my supplies and painted the sign. Justlikethat. It’s not hard, you guys. It’s ok if your handwriting isn’t Pottery Barn or that you don’t have a stencil to guide you. Character wasn’t discovered in a dictionary or etiquette guide, it surely wasn’t found between the binding of a magazine. Let’s just do this.

How to make a sign

I penciled out the phrase so I could visualize the size of the letters needed to fill my board.

Then I sanded it down lightly – I wanted to leave some of the dirt and sharp edges because I wanted the sign to be weathered, even if I had just painted it:

How to make a sign

That’s all!

If you don’t have weather barn wood hanging out in your garage you can find something free and similar in a wood pallet on the side of the road. Often you can find it behind warehouses or rural back yards at a garage sale. Just ask. Do you have any scrap wood you’re throwing away? I just need one plank.

The paint I had on hand – it’s a sampler from Menards. But your neighbor probably has 4 or 5 cans of paint in their basement. All you need is 1/2 a cup. Be spontaneous in your color choice. I almost painted it the same green as the snack bar.

The brush I used was a 2 inch edging brush, I’m pretty sure. But I just used the tip. Your finger might work too. If you DO have a need to use a stencil: you can spray paint.

After it dries and before I hang it I’ll probably run the sand paper over it one more time. To make it look like the phrase is IN the wood … and I just had to bring it out.

There you go! Now make a sign, and no matter what it says, it should speak to you.

How to make a sign