Ann Arbor

This past weekend Aaron and I took a small jaunt out to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit some near and dear friends – Ben Wikstra and Cara Stark soon to be Wikstra.

It was an awesome weekend filled with sleep, food, more sleep, shopping, movies and antiquing. Down town Ann Arbor is beautiful as is the architecture of the homes and buildings around the area.

Aaron and I used to head off to Chicago almost weekendly when we were dating to see friends down at colleges or to explore and sight see. Since being engaged, getting better jobs and being married – we’ve been lacking on the spontaneity of picking up and leaving town. Oh – and I’m pregnant. Can’t forget that one.

It’s a tad harder to pack for an overnighter when I don’t know how flexible I’ll be the next day or what kind of water retention my body will decide to evoke on my limbs. But I made it – the good thing about packing while pregnant is you don’t have as many clothing choices as you once had, so there’s no wondering if I’ll need these jeans or those, how many long sleeve shirts versus t shirts and what about the night wear, fancy or not? Just simply isn’t an option in pregnancy. There’s large and then there’s large and in charge – pick one.

The books say that now is a great time for small get aways and romantic evenings. The things we’ll be missing once the baby comes – so we’re trying to take advantage of the free weekends and evenings we have. Aaron’s always asked me to make a list of things I want to do before; we get engaged, married, have a baby … and each time I make a list, we systematically check each and every idea off.

He’s a smart man, I’m not the most patient person, or I wasn’t completely … I’m learning … but he would formulate the list idea for me so I could focus on something other than wanting to be engaged or married or have a baby. It would take several months for us to finish a list – which would buy Aaron time to get used to the idea of whatever was coming next, and it gave me ample time to be ready.

Besides the benefits of deferring the inevitable, you get to have lots of fun and feel like you’re accomplishing all the things you ever wanted to do or thought about. Living life to the fullest – literally. Something my dad taught me well before passing away. Life on earth is too short to miss out on all the important things, but it’s also too short to miss the fun ones too. Each and every day is a gift, so why not unwrap it?