Things We Love To Do


We MOVED! all of a sudden these are coming to my attention šŸ™‚ … I wonder why.

A journaling page all about food this is fun, it gives suggestions for things to write about, or notes to make. One of those things you REALLY wanted to remember in 5 years … now you can.

Another printable journal page this one weighs on the humorous side. Kinda like the list you make in your head and then the voice that talks back to it.

BEAUTIFUL free printable art Um, yes. I cannot wait to print and frame some of these for the new house. My favorite is “I like people who smile when it’s raining”.

It’s that time of year, CAN SOMETHING and have a party to do so. Bring the wine, the host will love you … well, she already does because you got this invitation in the mail. Post Mail. Awhhhh Yeeeeaah. Snap.

Nature Scavenger Hunt this is on our Summer Jar list … a treasure hunt I called it. But still! I love that the work is done for me and we’re guaranteed an afternoon of the outdoors and adventure.

Castle Peeps Book Plates I would love to start a tradition of buying a brand new book and then letting my daughter write her own name in the book plate … I have very few books from my childhood and I don’t think any of them have my penmanship in them. I just love the nostalgia of it.

Ice Cream Sundae PASSPORT Genius. What a great idea! And no matter that we’ve already been to a few ice cream shops this year, we’ll HAVE to go again because the passport needs it’s STAMP!! (Another Summer Jar item? Or maybe just a weekly outing?) I love this idea.

Recipe card so lovely. A great way to make a personal and inexpensive gift feel very expensive and very thoughtful.


Felted roast chicken I’m not usually a fan of the felted toys. Just not my thing, I guess … but this one tickled me. Maybe because I could see myself using it more as decoration or a prop of some kind than my kids actually playing with it. For instance. A great “take along” to a pot luck, they just said a dish to pass, am I right? Or how about forgetting that it was 5:30 and dinner should be ready soon … throw the fake chicken on the table with a side of canned corn. THEY’LL NEVER KNOW.

Turn an old tin into a magnet so easy, so affordable, so cute.

Super simple wind scarf Not sure when I would actually wear this, but I like the idea of it. Maybe for that one time a summer we ride a boat? Or maybe this will inspire me to make reservations on that boat-dinner-cruise. Could be very classy.

Fabric Pup tent oh yes. I would like this just so I can take this photo, only it’d be my kids inside. Such a great idea. And a great addition to any child’s imagination.

What’s all the fuss about finger painting? Right. This. Don’t have kids but still want some do-it-yourself art … this is a great application. Or maybe you have furbabies? Get their paws in on this one.

Living masterpiece I’d like to see an entire town get in on this one … a garden tour turned museumesque exhibit? Or the local arts council get behind this and there’s ticket sales for the show. I know my daughter would FREAK OUT if she were part of an exhibit that people came to see because of her.

Zigzag accordion book HOW TO. These are fun and an easy addition to a gift with a dollar limit. Trading names for the holidays? Or on a tight gift budget for showers and birthdays? The recipient always loves something that will continue to give after the first initial unwrapping.

Speaking of gifts, be the envy of everyone there wrap it with extraordinary detail.

Crochet a necklace circa 1937. Classic.

I’m all about the braids my daughter finally has hair that will tame itself into a french braid … really anything other than a baby clip and I’ve been having a blast playing with it. This is such an original way to do it. Can’t wait to give it a go.

Rose wreath I want to make this RIGHT NOW.

You’re not allowed to be afraid of something that is so pretty. Get over the jitters and do yourself a favor. Get to know your insects.

Simple bias tape purse a great beginner project.

Make beautiful things … if they have to sit around they might as well be pretty to look at. Stop using the faux glass plastic coasters that look like it just rained. No really. I’ve been meaning to tell you how bad they look … so has everyone else who has to use them because you’re varnished coffee table is “getting you through til you can afford the new living room set”.

Things we love to do

Create a cork board map and then use it to be creative, post notes or keep track of all the places you’ve been or want to be.

Free printable! birthday banner or cupcake accessories. Adorable. I love the colors. And the banner. All things banner.

Free art! Print this alphabet print and then frame it or post it to a wall. No need to limit this color gem to a nursery. I’d use it in my laundry room. Nice little pop of color and I love the lines of the letters.

Another Printable! A little notecard and envelope. Now there’s no excuse for not getting those Thank You cards out – the office supply store might close at 5 like a loser, but your printer should be a full service stationary maker at 1 am when you remember that your mother is coming for dinner and she’s going to mention how good your sister is at getting out those Thank You’s. (Feel free to boast that you even DIY’d them. She might not know how to handle that one.)

All Wonder is Not Lost free printable art. This print makes me imagine myself walking down the streets of Spain or some other place I’ve always wanted to go, wanted to be.

Redo a closet tutorial, photos of the process and all. It’s gorgeous. I think this is genius and it looks so beautiful. Now I’m going to be looking for closets and small spaces to make a nook out of.

Make a play tent out of sheets Yes and yes. Such a great idea and it looks easy!

It’s that time of year, the marshmallow gun makes it’s entrance Happy Summer! Make these to bring to picnics and barbeque’s. I promise you won’t hear whining about all the unfairness of the event because Billy wouldn’t let your child play with the XBox. Whining about being pelted with ammo that they can eat? I’m guessing not. But bring goggles for the eyes. (And probably best for kids 5 and over.)

Easy sewable softies I’m a huge advocate for having a “To-Go” back pack or bag with toys, books and games exclusively for traveling in the car or waiting for your table in a restaurant. Toys and books that never leave the To-Go bag because it’s “special” to go … makes them think it’s a big deal. Any way, these would be a great addition for when some of the toys or games are over used and losing their appeal. Plus? Soft animals that don’t make noise and piss off parents in the front seat? Um, you just struck gold.

Printable watermelon banner for the deck and your late night summer bonfires. Or birthdays, holidays and permanent (and cheap) decor.

Just in time, Change of Address Cards Free printable. Guess who’s going to use these? Grandma, your mailbox will be occupied soon!

Mustaches cupcakes I’m a little smitten with all-things-mustache lately. Pretty sure I need to do a mustache inspired party. WHICH!??! UM, IDEA!! #77.

Super cute DIY hair pieces use a zipper to make flowers! It looks beaded and detailed without trying. Yay!

Turn your run of the mill canning jars and vases into something spectacular and pseudo vintage. Everyone wants the turquoisey colored jars … and they pay plenty for them. Except you, you smarty pants, you make your own and save the dough and no one has to know.

Oh I love the internet. It gives me DIY’s and ideas like this one. Make your own antlers to hang. I can see this looking really good in a themed bedroom, a boys? Or an office if done in white or ivory. They sell the cardboard ones so why not make your own pattern and go from there?

A sailors knot door stop or paper weight or again, something to use as inexpensive decor. Make a few of these and use them instead of those balls people feel bowls with to set on their coffee table. Or hang a trio of them on a wall. You could even paint them to your liking … oh ideas!

A classic chandelier for celebrations they used this for a birthday but this could be a great wedding add-on as well.

A baby shower game free printable. A fun, and timeless feel makes this an easy game to pitch to the 3 girlfriends planning your baby shower who do not want to play any games thankyouverymuch.

Spare books make beautiful shelves if you’re a garage saler and need some shelves, you can generally pick up great looking old books for 10 cents to one dollar … and then use them to make these. Viola!

Summer tags free printable … you might not be able to see the image (I can’t) but you can still download them and they’re great!

Free printable gift tags POLKA DOTS!

A great guest book idea and? You guessed it, it’s a free printable. Now that my daughter is writing more and more I love this idea as a way to capture her hand writing every month for a year or two so we can see the progress as she grows. A book in progress, maybe?

Windsocks a great craft for kids, with them.

Embroider your child’s art ok, ok. I haven’t done any embroidering yet … SHAME. Because I love to link to patterns and ideas because I HAVE PLANS to one day be a really good embroiderer…erer. Any way. I’m pretty sure that this is the cherry on top. Now I must.

Sew an ocean-liner that will not sink. Ok, it will … if you put it in the bath, but it won’t be tragic.

A faux roman shade NO SEWING. This rocks.

Things we love to do

A mini crown for dolls, the crown of your own head, for your cat.

Baby quilt full of whimsy. Love the colors.

Breath taking DIY light fixture I have decided to replace every light in my house. Shhhh.

Plant something beautiful and if you need helps because you have black, blue and otherwise not-green thumbs, this should get you started.

Solar Food Dehydrator I love when this stuff comes up. I was just talking to a friend about wanting to buy one of these. Yay!

Well this makes sense I have peas for the first time this year in the garden and I’ve been wondering how in the world to get them from falling over. Yeeeeaaah. My light isn’t always in the ON position. Plan to tackle this one after I publish this post šŸ™‚

PVC is stunning just add some linen. Make your own outdoor lounge. And if you don’t like the white of the PVC … paint it! Distress it! Make it look like wood. Any way you want it. Because this is awesome.

I’ve been pondering how to make something like this work and now I know that all I have to do is try. No need to buy the ornaments for $40 … just reuse a wine bottle or fancy Izzy pop bottle, french lemonade bottle? Whatever you’ve got.

Sea glass wreath between the wreathes and the bunting garlands, I apparently have a lot of doors and walls to decorate. OR! How about we just have more parties.

Make your own sunburst mirror oh yes. Oh yes you should.

Yarn wall art this is cooler than it sounds. I promise.

PRINTABLE! FREE! ok, these are awesome. You’ll have to click around and scroll down for this one, but go to the day trips and then play around. You can download amazing and very beautiful city scape walking trips which you can stow away for a vacation or frame and hang on a wall. I’ve downloaded most of them for wall art. Now I just need a trip to IKEA for frames.

Have a reason to be making a baby book? either as a shower gift or one for your own joyful home? You can download the template directly from here.