We need your help

Alright, vast majority of public nation/whoever reads this site, I need your input.

As it would be, Aaron and I have gone back and forth and back and forth on a female name for this baby, we have a male name set in stone and although we have a list of maybe’s we can’t seem to put our finger on “the one”. I’m a tad bit aggravated by this. I want a name for a girl so I can stop thinking about girl names 24/7 and wondering if we’ll name it “baby schaap” until she’s 4 months old and we finally decide on something. I don’t want a “baby schaap”. I want a named child. Boy or girl. and right now, all I’ve got is boy.

So please, muster all your courage and POST a suggestion. Sometime in January, if any of you won, you’ll know (if we have a girl) and if we have a boy, then fun for you … maybe next one’ll be a girl and we’ll keep it a secret until then.

I’m seriously asking for suggestions … If I get someone telling me I should name my kid Thelma/Dorothy/Patsy Schaap … I’ll hurt you. So be nice, and honest.

OR if you don’t want to give up your name choices in hopes that someday you’ll too have this dilemma, then give me suggestions about good sites to visit, etc.

Now happy commenting, I’m waiting.