Hi! So today was kind of a whirlwind for so many reasons – some really exciting ones are:

Front page feature on Tasty Kitchen

My How to make Corn Dogs was featured on the front page of Tasty Kitchen as pictured above.

But also (!!) my How to make Walking Taco’s was featured over on One Pretty Thing today.

Plus I got a shout out on twitter from Tasty Kitchen … and well. Squealing ensued.

Definitely a good day around here in the interweb world. Plus I got to hold a newborn and chat with some friends, worked out at the gym and met with a trainer. Fed my family a home-cooked meal that wasn’t deep fried šŸ˜‰ and opened the door to some really exciting ideas.

And it’s only Tuesday. Tomorrow we’ll tackle some more Carny food.

In case you missed it here’s what we’ve covered so far.