Multitask Me

Alrighty, for my “Jodi” jar I have:

Menu Plan
Organize photos
Balance checkbook
Balance budget
Work on photo book for kids
Organize some files
Clean a closet
Reformat 10 posts (has to do with this website)

I’ll probably add to this jar as I figure out things I should be doing on a more frequent basis. The plan is that I’ll draw 3 every morning and knock them out through out the day. Today I chose “Balance checkbook”, “Clean a closet” and “Reformat 10 posts”.

I’ve balanced the check book, so far.

When I finish a task I reuse the “idea” and put it back in to the jar for another day. No telling what I’ll pick or if I’ll be doing the same thing three days in a row. But my floors and laundry could always use that … so I’m just going to go with it.

Rules for the jar are:
I must do what it says.
I cannot ignore other, more pertinent, responsibilities to complete a task.
I cannot ignore my children.

There you have it! What would have in your Task Jar?