How pinteresting! JENGA!

We made a huge outdoor Jenga set out of 2X3X96 boards for less than $15.00.


via jodimichelle on flickr.

It’s very easy.

Step 1: Go to Lowes.

Step 2: Buy seven 2X3X96 boards.

Step 3: Ask them to make a cut every 7.5 inches. (At Lowes, they’ll cut your wood to your specific dimensions for free)

making a large Jenga game

via schaapy on flickr. Everyone say hi to Ryan, this is his first time in a hardware store!

Step 4: Purchase and return home, then you stack and take turns smack talking each other.


Unlimited fun!

For $14.98 we just bought ourselves a summer of fun right there and all we did was a little math, used our manners at the hardware store, and created a timeless game for all ages. Thanks, Pinterest!