well this went in all kinds of directions I had no idea were coming.

I keep thinking I’m going to do a post on the lack of things in my closet, or make up drawer … even in my kitchen … but now I’m packing up those places and wondering why I ever thought I lacked anything?

Well, I didn’t think I lacked … but I’ve been told many times that I need new cookie sheets, that my closet is very small, that my make up drawer looks like a sample size bag from the department store.

Less is always more.

I’m finding that out once again as I unpack the second kitchen and am finding things we kept around because we had the room to not be bothered by them. I’m disgusted with this notion, we MIGHT need it in 3 years, so store it in the drawer.

I also understand this notion, the need to save, keep. It’s frugal, to a point.

I’m all for quality and not at all for quantity but when something works just fine, why are we always replacing it?

We have a sick amount of towels – bath towels, dish towels, beach towels … because they were gifts and because they work. They still dry me, even if there’s a bleach stain. They still wipe up the spill even if it’s tattered around the edges.

I’m terrible at spending money on the monotonous things of owning a house, or being a human. Like socks. And underwear.

Holes don’t bother me, no one sees them … and if they do … I just don’t care. It’s a SOCK. Not the seat of my pants.

I don’t know. I’m bothered by the thinking around THINGS – I purposefully don’t open magazines that come in the mail from stores that make me WANT stuff I don’t need. The magazines I would otherwise dog-ear and covet for months until I couldn’t take it anymore and in a desperate afternoon I’d spend money we didn’t have on something we didn’t need.

We have goals. Of living debt free. Of living without a mortgage. Of paying for tuition in cash.

A cookie sheet is not going to get me there.

** A garage sale is planned and in the works for July 8, 9 and 10. If you’re in to that kind of thing, mark your calendar! I’d have a “previewing” sale if people wanted one on the 7th. Just speak up.**