Baby Bach

According to today’s literature that society pours onto expecting parents, we’re supposed to talk to the baby as much as possible. This not only get’s it acquainted with our voice and the influxes of the language we use, it also allows for bonding.

We’re also prompted to play music for the baby, through earphones or stereo and this is supposed to allow for some of their brain development to somehow be uber efficient. They apparently feel they’ve given us the formula to a genius and that we’re bad parents/people if we even think about ignoring the instructions.

Aaron and I haven’t really read into alot of this mumbo jumbo, as we feel it is. We talk to the baby, I do more often when it’s kicking me incessantly and I have to pee for, no kidding, the 7th time in 30 minutes. Granted I’m not telling it how much I love it at that moment … but you can see where I’m coming from.

We broke down and played music for the belly last night, as an experiment. That�s right – we’re EXPERIMENTING with this pregnancy. Who would have thought, people have been doing this for thousands of years and yet we still feel the need to read book after book after book on how to do this whole parenting thing the “right” way.

I usually have music on in the house when I’m home, but these past few nights have been, how do I say it, awful. I haven’t slept a whole night in almost a week. Not only am I being introduced to the many-a-trip to the potty every night, I’m also being woken up, every 2 hours at least, by the kicking … there is so much kicking in my belly.

Not only all of that, I know – it’s horrible, but there is no comfortable sleeping position to begin with. I’m a stomach sleeper, and as soon as I found out about being pregnant I immediately began sleeping on my side and back to get ready for what was to come – this marathon I put myself on, was worthless.

I missed out on the last 3 months I could have been sleeping on my stomach for the obvious and apparently undeniable suffering of the last half of the second tri-mester to the entire third tri-mester. Oh glee.

Up to this point, we tried everything. Aaron would rub my stomach until I would fall asleep, only to wake up an hour later to the kicking and the summersaults and the back pain. Aaron tried talking the belly to sleep, calming this baby with soothing, low sounds. I tried 32 different pillow positions with 32 different pillows scattered over the bed and to no avail.

Last night we finally unpacked the ear phones, plugged them in to the portable CD player and put lullabies on the belly. I’m here to tell you, it worked. The first 5 minutes were calm, no moving, an apparently sleeping baby inside me. But then it resumed its gymnastics only to calm down again within minutes and be still for the music. OH how I love the wonderful baby Bach lullaby CD. Uber efficient baby brain waves, here we come.

Belly touching

Remeber when I said I didn’t mind people I knew touching my belly … ??? I made that comment in “I swallowed a Watermelon” entry – and let me just rephrase that for the record.

I don’t mind people I know touching my belly IF:

You’re female and I touched your belly when you were pregnant
Your name is my mom or sisters
You were in my wedding
You are Aaron.

Other wise, and this is mostly for the gentlemen I don’t know and elderly women in grocery stores … do not touch me, at all.

This morning in church I had TWO males come up from behind and extend their hands around me to touch MY stomach. (Did I mention they were behind me, like standing in a movie line and the grose couple in front of you can’t keep their hands off of eachother when he reaches around her to hold her mid section or cuddle … sick).

I knew these males, not well mind you. I knew there names and have hung out with them in crowds before … but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to touch me, at all, anywhere.

And it wasn’t just a touch, either … it was the full on rub n’ pat. Thats right – and let me just say a I have a problem with that. A slightly large problem with that. Don’t be touching my belly you male people – thats weird, and it freaks me out. alot.


Thats right! We’re being featured on MTV’s popular CRIBS show …


But we totally got a crib the other night. I am SO geeked. Aaron’s parents actually saved the crib Aaron and all his sibblings used when they were infants, and they were kind enough to let us use it for our baby too.

It’s perfect. And it’s priceless because Aaron slept in it almost 24 years ago – and now our baby will sleep in it.

Of course there’s some wear and tear on it, what with 5 kids, I would sure hope so. It adds to authenticity of the crib – there will be stories to tell our baby about their dad and aunts and uncles and that he/she is sleeping exactly where they slept and how fun is that?

The nursery is DONE! We have the changing table, rocking chair, crib side/rocking chair side table, and CRIB!!! HA! I sit in the rocking chair every morning, and I rock my belly and at night I read to it by the lamp light.

I’ve been reading “I already know I love you” by Billy Crystal to the belly at night. He wrote it to his unborn granddaughter, not knowing what the sex was and when I read it in Barnes and Noble, I was sobbing. What a gift, a gift that through me I too can give to our baby, boy or girl … words from a grandpa who already loves them.

I wish I would have known about this book 3 or 4 weeks ago – I could have gotten my dad to write to our baby in the front page or sign his name, or read it on tape to the belly. Sometimes it’s so hard to think about going forward when all I want to do is go back to yesterday and hug him one more time. Or have him kiss my belly – he did that no matter what, every time I saw him. I know he already loves our baby and reading that book to him/her everynight is sometimes the hardest part of my day – but it’s the best too. Because in a way, every grandpa writes those words in their heart to their grandkids, and I know he’s writing them in mine everyday.

I swallowed a watermelon

Moving is over. For the most part, we’re in our new house. We spent our first night here last night and I only woke up once and looked around frantic only to realize I was home.

We have stairs now, big stairs from the basement to the main floor … and so far, they aren’t really my friend. My feet are size 4 pre pregnancy – now they’re a size 4 midget long and WIDE and swollen, very very swollen. Stairs at 8 in the morning are not my friend.

But we have 2 bathrooms, with 2 showers and 2 TOILETS! AHA! We’ve found utopia.

Tomorrow the carpets will be installed in the master bedroom and the nursery and then we can really start to get settled. Right now our kitchen is still missing the stove and the dishwasher isn’t hooked up yet, neither is the washer or dryer … but it’s getting there. At least we have plumbing, and electrical.

In the next week or so, after we’ve found the digital camera, we’ll get back on track with photos of the watermelon I swallowed and the before and after photos of the house transformation.

The baby has found my bladder, and it LOVES to jump, kick, punch and hit it – ALL DAY LONG. It’s sweet and kinda cute, but seriously now I spend enough time peeing as it is.

He/She kicks hard enough now that other people can feel the sensation too. And the whole belly touching thing, doesn’t bother me. Unless I don’t know you and you’re an elderly woman/man in the grocery store who stops me mid sentence to touch and fondle me … then I have a problem with it. Otherwise I figure I’m attracted to pregnant bellies when I’m not pregnant … constantly trying to feel the baby move and ask the mother questions. So why not let everyone I’ve done it to already do it back to me? It’s only fair really.