Thats right! We’re being featured on MTV’s popular CRIBS show …


But we totally got a crib the other night. I am SO geeked. Aaron’s parents actually saved the crib Aaron and all his sibblings used when they were infants, and they were kind enough to let us use it for our baby too.

It’s perfect. And it’s priceless because Aaron slept in it almost 24 years ago – and now our baby will sleep in it.

Of course there’s some wear and tear on it, what with 5 kids, I would sure hope so. It adds to authenticity of the crib – there will be stories to tell our baby about their dad and aunts and uncles and that he/she is sleeping exactly where they slept and how fun is that?

The nursery is DONE! We have the changing table, rocking chair, crib side/rocking chair side table, and CRIB!!! HA! I sit in the rocking chair every morning, and I rock my belly and at night I read to it by the lamp light.

I’ve been reading “I already know I love you” by Billy Crystal to the belly at night. He wrote it to his unborn granddaughter, not knowing what the sex was and when I read it in Barnes and Noble, I was sobbing. What a gift, a gift that through me I too can give to our baby, boy or girl … words from a grandpa who already loves them.

I wish I would have known about this book 3 or 4 weeks ago – I could have gotten my dad to write to our baby in the front page or sign his name, or read it on tape to the belly. Sometimes it’s so hard to think about going forward when all I want to do is go back to yesterday and hug him one more time. Or have him kiss my belly – he did that no matter what, every time I saw him. I know he already loves our baby and reading that book to him/her everynight is sometimes the hardest part of my day – but it’s the best too. Because in a way, every grandpa writes those words in their heart to their grandkids, and I know he’s writing them in mine everyday.