Things We Love To Do

This one’s a doozy. Enjoy! If you’d like a nice neat pile of all the lists I’ve made so far … come and see where I keep them. As I make these lists and publish them, they get added to this Master List Run Down newest to oldest. Have something fabulous you want me to see? Try? Link to? Email me with details and I’d be happy to check it out!


Have an artist to celebrate? This party download, complete with invitations, instructions on how to pull it off and all kinds of ideas can be used in so many ways. Even a wedding, bridal shower or yes … the birthday that it was intended for. I love this idea. Pretty sure January just got more colorful around here (my daughters birth month).

Evil Queen Mask!! So your kid is more of a free thinker? Nice. Put them in the middle of the sea of Princesses this Halloween and smile.

Bones are very scary and very fun to look at. I might tuck this away for those years of middle school where you have to take exams on your nervous system, bones and veins.

A festive take on the very popular phrase Eat Drink and Be …

Tooth Brushes! This is fun. I might have to put this in one of the new bathrooms in the new house. (Getting so close!)

Owl Mobile there’s something very calming about these owl mobiles. Being watched without being watched. I like it.

Another great take on a very popular poster Keep Calm and Carry On. I love that one!

ABC I love how many different ABC printables there are online. You could do a whole wall of colorful education and it’d be so cute. Might have to try that in a playroom some day.

Creepy Subway Art this is adorable.

Paper skull anyone? I’d rather play with this one than a real one any day.

Branch out and print these awesome mailing labels.

Make Stuff

For starters, let’s make a pumpkin vase together. I love your company.

Make a mermaid enthusiast very happy by sewing them a little tail for their collection.

Ghost! These baby food jar ghosts and pumpkins are seriously pinch your cheeks adorable. Can’t wait to get my hands on some jars so we can do this at our house!!

No sew Cupcake! This actually came as a request from my girl, so when I found this tutorial and the “no-sew” part about it I kind of squealed.

Feather Duster? Nope! FELT. Oddly enough, my kids actually like doing this stuff. The toys don’t hurt either.

Bat placemat Now all you need to do is paint your lightbulb above the table with a bat call and you’re all set.

Fabric clutch one of these days after we move and I relearn how to use my sewing machine. I will make so many things. Like this clutch.

Burlap wreath! The texture of this one is very playful. You could do different colors for different occasions or seasons. An “all weather” wreath, really. I love it.

Linocut how to’s I’m a little bit obsessed with these right now.

Sweater purse scroll down to see the yellow love. Eeeee!

Instructables gives us step by step Linocut instructions Again, obsessed.

Flap those wings for Halloween!

Last one, I think but I don’t promise. A Swedish horse linocut. My heart is beating so fast.

Balloon animals, bat style we have a friend who does balloon animals and is so good at it. This would be fun to learn to do for Halloween, no?

Make a tu-tu I know I will.

Quilt these are so time intensive some times. Most of the time. But the feeling of laying someone under one that you love – the fact that your hands put all of those pieces together and quilted with conversation and fellowship or just peace, makes me want to make a quilt for everyone I know. Food does this to me too. Feeding your soul.

Lunch sacks reusable and homemade. Double whammy.

Have a cowboy on your hands? Outfit him with some style.

Dollhouse out of an old drawer GENIUS. We see old dressers on the side of the road all the time – now I know what to do with them šŸ™‚