{Life List} Become a published writer for a magazine

You can see and buy the magazine here.

Almost a year ago I was directed via twitter to a call for submissions on Creative Humans Magazine. (Thanks, Sara!!) And I went about submitting a few ideas, although I did so wrong. Leah from LeahPeah was very kind while she explained how to go about the submission process and then once I had that figured out she was even kinder while she encouraged me and then accepted the piece I wrote for her.

Article: published. {Life List}

It’s titled “Jessica” and is a story about and a letter to her and how much I love her, am crippled by fear of mothering her “wrong” and how amazing she is to me.

“I think I will be forever worried that Iʼm mothering you right, that Iʼm loving you right
because I just donʼt know. I canʼt be attached to you, you wonʼt allow it. I canʼt give you
space, you cry and my heart aches. You want me around but not hovering, you want me
close but not touching. You want my eyes but not my hands, you want my mind but not
my heart.”

So this is very exciting for me. More than anything I want to write for magazines. A book, yea – some day. I have an arsenal of children’s books already written that come from silly poems I make up with my kids and stories we weave together. I can’t really explain the magazine thing to you – maybe it’s the way a short article or story makes me feel. A journalistic look into someone’s perspective. Their heart, mind and sometimes soul. It’s a hall pass into someone else’s heart for a while and that window is one that I’m addicted to. I love looking through people.

Also? I collect ideas, articles and snip it’s from magazines. They’re rich with information and often for free. (Which kind of sums this here website up, doesn’t it?) I love me a good book and I hold those pages close to me as well, but generally only a phrase from an entire chronicle of pages will stay with me.

There’s just a difference and it’s one I want to make.

A big YAY! for my Life List and making this one a reality. Makes me hungry for more.