{DIY} Pumpkin vase

DIY Pumpkin vase (less than $5!)

These flowers are gorgeous, no? You would think that flowers of this kind of beauty are going to set you back at least $10, maybe more. Maybe $7 from your grocer … ?

I got these beautiful roses and the greenery for all of $3.99 from Aldi’s. They have a little flower market (pseudo set up) by the check out and I am always in awe of their flowers. They don’t vary too much. You can always count on roses and a few other things but they’re budget friendly and just so breath taking. In my opinion.

DIY Pumpkin vase (less than $5!)

We had this pumpkin laying around from a couple weeks ago after stopping at a road side stand that promised HUGE PUMPKINS … and then my children chose the smallest ones they could find. For one dollar.

I love them.

They had their fun painting the pumpkins and setting it around the house in varies rooms and on different shelves. It was their little decorating game.

DIY Pumpkin vase (less than $5!)

So … you need:

# Pumpkin, any size
# Knife, sharp and big
# Spoon
# Flowers or greenery

You start by cutting the top off the pumpkin, gutting it as best you can and then filling it 3/4 full of water (make sure it doesn’t leak). Snip your blooms to your desired height – arrange – and you’re done.

DIY Pumpkin vase (less than $5!)

All for just $4.99 – stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Well done, friends!