Since I only work part time I have the ability to have dinner on the table waiting for Aaron, which would leave left overs for lunches and solve a ton of issues he seems to be having with eating at all during the day until 7 pm. It would also cut down on some spending and keep us healthier in many ways.

However, I can only make the same recipe once a month, maybe twice if I sneak it in, without Aaron getting huffy that we already had this dinner this month. He’s kinda picky. And I’m running out of tried and true recipes to make him – which means he comes home to an empty table and a hungry wife and we end up eating out or having cereal.

So I need some help – direct me to your favorite recipes, post them, email them or give me links to websites – I know about, and it’s helpful but I need more.

Whats your favorite genre of food – Aaron likes spicy or anything with meat. He likes Mexican alot too … but I have heartburn, so thats a no no mostly.

I like Italian, Aaron will eat it, but he prefers more substance. And I love casseroles.

So there you have it, feed me, literally. Give me food for thought, recipes and ideas. We’re running out at the Schaap house.