Pool side

As Jessica works it out in the pool every day my favorite part of this trip so far has been the endless road ahead. In the car where conversation is easy, never forced. Where she proclaims things and asks the best questions.

I love surprising her when she requests something from me, where normally I might find an excuse to say no, on this trip I automatically say Yes! Of course we will! Absolutely! That sounds like the best idea ever, let’s get going!

I don’t have room for tired, I’m on borrowed time of possibility. We’re saying yes.

We’re spending today in Madison, Wisconsin and tonight again too. Tomorrow we head to a camp for the final two nights of our trip. I told her about it yesterday, her eyes sparkled. Volleyball? Swimming!? Being outside, no Internet – a tree house!

There have been times on this trip where we disagree. Or I don’t really approve with her reaction to a situation, or her attitude. I am first, and always first, her mother. These things matter to me. You may not throw tantrums in public or private. A full belly is insurance for safe guarding against them, I’ve learned (the hard way).

On the first day – somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan, I wrote her a letter in her journal. She was excited and tired and hungry and a little overwhelmed with the trip, with all the Yes coming at her, not so much a Maybe or We’ll See.

And in the letter I said, I hope we make a lot of memories together, unforgettable ones, and I hope you remember all the fun and all the Yes, I know I will. When it gets a little boring in the car or in the middle of an adventure – just remember the last time we laughed. I bet you’ll stop whining and you’ll forget about what isn’t happening – because together we’ll remember all of what already did.

Love Mom

In general, I just can’t stop smiling. Delighting in her joy, she is so contagious.