Forget about it!

She hasn’t even been to school for a whole week yet. Just twice. TWO TIMES. This is what we’re up to over here:

She reads words. That are in books. And on signs. And then she reads them. Out loud. To us.


She does homework, and is all … What else? Like, throw me another one, I’ve got this. Bring it.


She comes home with an attitude, but not a bad one. She’s all … what ELSE are we going to do, Mom? BESIDES watch TV or do my homework (because I’m done, duh). And I pooped myself. She has NEVER asked me that before. She’s either: A) Done her own thing or B) Not cared or C) Made up her own thing to do and asked for assistance.


The baby talk is a memory. She’s done with acting like her brother because acting like a Kindergardener is WAY better. (I agree.)


She eats and eats and eats and eats and eats. Apparently the more brain power you’re using the more TRUCK LOADS OF FOOD YOU WILL CONSUME. I forgot about this phenomenon. She now eats 5 meals, with snacks.



Maybe it’s because yesterday was the very last day of preschool or that I can’t stop comparing years ago to today in photos but this summer smells of something Big for us.

I cannot put my finger on it, nor do I really want to. But it feels like we were just released into the great unknown, that something is coming. Hopefully good, hopefully wonderful and amazing. Hopefully an adventure.

Schools OUT! It’s SUMMER! The freedom alone in those words is delicious. Beach time, both of my babes every day all day. Sun burnt noses and freckles. Berries to pick and a garden to sew.

I feel like we’re on a countdown to when the “Real” parenting begins, the official school season of our lives begins in kindergarten with homework and science fairs and all kinds of sleep overs and hot lunches.

She doesn’t need a push – she’s all ready to go.


GO !!

Get ready, world.

Michigan Awesome.

Here we come.