Things We Love To Do

A few fun things to do, give or make.

Free Compliments: I might just hang this on my mirror or randomly tape it on a box of cereal in the grocery store, to a telephone pole at a busy corner or in a public restroom. My fav is “Terrific Tattoo”.

Pretty sure it’s time for my daughter (less than a month from being seven!) to journal. Fill in the blanks is a great way to get started.

Great for long trips in the car, an afternoon that needs an activity or a waiting room: Fabric I Spy Book.

Flavored Tequilla: a great stocking stuffer, hostess gift or reason to throw a cheese party. Yes.

Need something new in your hair? A little indie maybe? Hair sticks.

I am always losing my earbuds. Not anymore.

Another way to use your toilet paper rolls – make these New Years Eve Surprises.

Babies to buy for? These are adorable felt booties.

Birthday Crowns: LOVE THESE.

Pinwheel wreath: I know just the girl to make this with.