a mini kind of vacation

One thing I love about the schedule of kindergarten so far is that we get mini vacations inbetween school days. Meaning, our daughter doesn’t go to school every day of the week – just a few, but all day when she is there.

It gives me time to plan my house, to care for it and keep it clean. To bake snacks and have dinner ready and maybe even have coffee with some of our very favorite friends and family (all of them!).

I love being able to have lazy days inbetween the hour to hour, wall to wall schedule of a school day and the weather is still nice enough to be outside at parks or taking walks or enjoying a color tour with hot chocolate.

We’re getting closer and closer to actually moving into the home we’re building and this time of year is just screaming for me to hunker down, create something, be inside and decorate. Which is all on hold until we move.

This weekend we ventured back to the junk yard of antiques and I can no longer hold myself back. There are approximately 37 things I would like to buy and create for the new house but I’m holding off.

We don’t have room for me to “create” something right now nor do we have the space to store anything more.

Instead I peruse the internet for the best way possible to execute my ideas, we take walks along beaches and collect drift wood, Monarchs and blue stones and I’m putting small weathered work into making the last couple months in our apartment beautiful (and for free).

Also? Traverse City Cherry coffee is divine and waking up on the water is a cleansing for my soul in a way that prayer and singing old hymns is my favorite Love Language to worship in.

Life, my friends, is really wonderful. And so dirty and uncanning and messy, as well. We’re in the middle of it all, the trenches, decisions and worries of building a family and raising them well – of growing up without losing our younger ambition to be better … we’re here. Right now. This is it.

And I think that’s enough.