{Video} Answering questions about the house

You should know:

There was only one other person who knew we were possibly buying this house until yesterday. This has been happening (again, possibly) for the past week-ish. And since we weren’t sure, there were multiple offers on the house etc … we just decided not to tell anyone. Then I couldn’t hold it in any more, I needed someone to know! I wanted to shout. I was so excited!

It’s been a stressful week. For more than the reasons of this house, I’ve had a few other upsets going on and indecision is a hard one for me to swallow.

You should also know – buying this house doesn’t change our current plans of possibly moving out of state, we could very well still pick up and move for the summer, 6 mo or a year. We also plan to be avid travelers. As I’ll explain in the video, the house was on sale. For sale, yes. ON SALE, also correct.

So if we pick up and move or decide to travel for a month – instead of putting our stuff in storage or paying rent to “keep a place in case” we’ll be paying less than all of that by owning this little house. This little house I love.

If I still didn’t answer your “WHA???” moments, let me know.

Otherwise, let the dreaming continue …

(Also, it’s numbers are 116 … Imma take that as a sign.)